Embryolab IVF Unit
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(IVF Unit)

EMBRYOLAB, an infertility clinic in Greece, is one of the most advanced assisted reproduction units in Europe with a team of top specialists in the treatment of infertility.

Our services

EMBRYOLAB offers a full range of top-of-the-line infertility care services, with no waiting lists for sperm, and embryo donation, making it easier and quicker.


Our Prices

Our prices are friendly and well thought out, to serve the family budget. 

The Scientific Staff

At EMBRYOLAB we are proud of our staff, which includes distinguished doctors and embryologists, with years of combined experience in reproductive medicine and infertility care. The majority of our clinical and laboratory staff are trained in well-known UK hospitals and institutions and have extensive working experience with couples from Britain.

Our Extensive Experience

Our deep knowledge and experience in the development of preimplantation and the constant search for new approaches have been a driving force for us from the beginning. This, combined with our excellent pregnancies, and its "home-to-baby" rates is our strongest proof of the excellent quality of our services. The latest technology workshops are organized according to international standards. A combination of strictly controlled laboratory conditions, the use of new production culture media and improved technology equipment guarantee ideal conditions for the in vitro growth and development of human gametes and embryos.

Personal service

Here every couple will find an atmosphere of calm and supportive staff at their disposal, willing to stand next to them until the best result is achieved.

At EMBRYOLAB we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. That is why we have created a sophisticated, optimistic and friendly environment. Our facilities are an example of modern design and simple luxury.

Innovation and Outcomes

EMBRYOLAB is always ahead.  The combination of new, innovative services creates favorable conditions for achieving the best results.  At EMBRYOLAB, we have infertility treatment at a 360 degree angle and our success rates have rewarded us for this.


  • Examination and Treatment of Female Fertility Issues
  • Examination and Treatment of Men’s Fertility Issues
  • IVF Procedure
  • High Quality Cryopreservation of Genetic Material
  • Donation Programmes of High Standards
  • Specialised genetic tests
  • Specialised blood tests
  • Counselling and Support Services




ISO 9001: 2008 Certification
ISO 15189-2007 assessment
Accreditation ISO 15189: 2012




173-175  Ethnikis Antistaseos
551 34  Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, Greece


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