Can I start a new business while in addiction recovery? Of course!

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Can I start a new business while in addiction recovery? Of course!



By Adam Cook



If you’re in addiction recovery, you’ve already made the most important decision for yourself. Getting sober is extremely difficult, but also rewarding in so many ways. Your new sober life is healthy and happy, and you get to truly begin again.


One way to improve your life and your circumstances is to start your own business. It may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t if you just do a little planning. The gig economy of today really helps people earn money on a per-task basis, and you don’t have to quit your day job to get started. You just have to work on the side for a while until you start earning a bit of money.


If you have no income and want to start making a little extra cash, you can get started right away by working as a ride-sharing driver, a dog walker or food delivery driver. If those aren’t your idea of fun, the good news is you only have to do it until your true passion picks up and starts making enough money. If you’re an animal lover, you can make a bit of extra money as a pet sitter. The good news is that you get to spend time with a lovable animal. The bad news is that you have to be flexible and ready to help out at a moments’ notice. But if you truly love pets, you’re bound to enjoy it.


Start by pet sitting for your friends’ animals, even if you have to do it for free or at a reduced cost. Then, ask your friends for recommendations. Social media means marketing is a cinch. You just set up Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for your business and start making “noise.” Ask your friends to spread the word, and the calls will start coming in. Post fliers at vets’ offices and pet stores, too. If you’re not squeamish about exotic animals, such as snakes, lizards, fish or birds, consider specializing in them. Exotic pet owners can have a hard time finding help for when they need to go out of town. Introduce yourself to vets who specialize in exotics so they can recommend you, too.


This is a great business to start for those in recovery because spending time with animals is very beneficial for recovering addicts. Spending time with and caring for pets can boost the mood-elevating chemicals serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which prevents depression and anxiety. It helps prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation, and it can ease stress. Being responsible for another living being is a skill set that addicts often need to work on, too. Plus, who wouldn’t feel better while spending time with a sweet puppy who just wants to lick your face?


Whatever your journey entails, a key component in recovery is leaning on your faith. The level of involvement your faith has in your recovery depends on you -- if you have a strong faith background, you’ll likely depend heavily on it while working your way through the process. Whatever your background or beliefs, having a good spiritual life can affect your journey in surprising ways. People who report having a strong belief in their religion often say they are more optimistic, have less depression and anxiety, and are happier overall. Being a part of a religious community also helps provide support from the people around you, which can be integral in the success of an addict’s recovery.


Believing in yourself makes a huge difference to your success. Believe in your faith, your loved ones and yourself, and you’ll go further than you ever imagined. Spend a little time assessing yourself and deciding what you want from your life, then go for it!



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